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Your child has a disability. now what?

IEP. ADA. 504. SPED. OT. EI. ECE. FAPE. FBA. IDEA. ARD. IEE. LEA. OCR. OHI. RTI. VR. Too many to list.

When you learn that your child has a disability, it is easy to be overwhelmed. The acronyms may seem endless. Everyone has an opinion about what you should do and how you should do it.

There has never been a better time to have a disability. There are excellent federal and state laws in place to protect your kids. We will make sense of your options and I will teach you how to advocate for yourself in your community. Every situation is different. Contact me to set up a consultation.

You have a bit more experience with disabilities. Now it is time to learn to self-advocate.

Our role as parents is complicated. We are our kids’ fiercest advocates and we would move heaven and earth to make their lives easier. When you have a child with a disability, this requires extra steps. Teaching your children to be strong self-advocates is the most valuable gift you can give them. As they learn to self-advocate, they will prepare themselves to be dynamic, full citizens of the world. We all want our children to be indomitable. Let me help yours learn how to do this.

My self-advocacy training program is highly individualized based on age and disability. I work with kids on issues ranging from asking for accommodations at the movies to reminding teachers that they need specific accommodations for specific projects. I work one-on-one with your child to make sure he or she is prepared to be a force in the world. I remind them over and over that they have just as much of a right to take up space in this world, that they are just as worthy and valuable and strong as any person with or without a disability. Self-advocacy training boosts their confidence and increases their ability to demand the inclusion and accessibility they deserve. Your dreams for your child are accessible. Contact me for more information.

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Elizabeth Knox is an attorney, speaker on inclusion and accessibility, consultant, and self-advocacy coach.


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